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Monroe Smart Start Organizational Chart

Steering Committee
      • meets monthly on the second Friday of the month from 11:30-1:00
      • involved with strategic planning
      • every committee will have at least one representative from the steering committee
      • serving on it to aid communication
      • advise on recruitment of new steering committee member
      • advise on recruitment of new coalition members

Management Team
      • meets on a bi-monthly basis
      • involved with finance, personnel and facility issues

Coalition Members – representatives of parents, business leaders, child care and education and health providers groups. Membership may represent different levels of participation:
      • register to receive information about the coalition’s goals, activities, meetings, and
      • opportunities for involvement
      • attend bi-annual meeting of coalition members
      • participate in meetings and activities of one or more committees or working groups

Marketing Group

Sustainability Group

Evaluation Group – still being formed
      • will need to use indicators that currently exist in the community as well as others we
      • identify
      • evaluate both the effectiveness of coalition and impact on children and families

Working Groups
      • meet on a monthly basis
      • provide input on content of strategic plan
      • oversee and implement the activities outlined in the strategic plan
      • The following working groups are currently active:
            o Early Care and Education
            o Physical and Mental Health
            o Parent and/or Primary Caregiver
            o K-12 Education
            o Community