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The coalition supports the belief that in order to have the most impact on children’s lives, we need to start as early in their lives as possible, and we need to create a critical mass of adults around them who understand what it takes to help children succeed.

The Coalition brings people together in order to provide an avenue for community planning, shared learning, networking and partnership development.

Our Mission:
To bring families and communities together to make sure children enter kindergarten healthy, happy and ready to succeed.

In Monroe County we will know Monroe Smart Start is successful if:
      • More parents, families, child care providers, and community leaders know why early
      • learning is important.
      • More parents and child care providers use simple, every day activities to enhance
      • learning.
      • More local residents and community and business leaders know what they can do to
      • support school readiness and demonstrate that knowledge through their actions and
      • decisions.
      • More local residents and community and business leaders communicate to
      • policymakers that early learning is a top priority.