Become An Early Learning Substitute Educator

Smart Start Child Care is an easy-to-use platform that connects Early Learning Substitute Educators to temporary jobs in local child care programs all from a mobile device or computer.

Substitute positions are posted to the platform and you get notified via email and text message.  With one click from a phone or computer, you can apply for substitute positions. Childcare programs then review your profile and you receive a text alert when you are hired.

Smart Start Child Care offers:

  • Flexibility to choose the positions that work for you;
  • Reliable pay or extra income ($17/hour);
  • The opportunity to gain experience in childcare programs before accepting a full-time position;
  • Relationship building within the child care industry;
  • The ability to do the work you love in a way that works best for you. 

Smart Start Child Care is easy, fast, and efficient because we know child care matters. If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Myers at