Provider Success Stories

Jenny Dittfach, Owner, Jenny’s Place:

“My participation in Monroe Smart Start’s Cohort of Quality Providers helped me to accomplish my goal of becoming a Level 4 in Paths to QUALITY™. The cohort enabled great networking. I met providers who have become friends and we continue to support one another. Also, I was able to get valuable educational materials for Jenny’s Place that the kids use and enjoy.”

Jackie Perez, Owner, Little Peeps:

“I truly appreciate everything the Cohort of Quality Providers has done for me. I was able to meet and connect with other home child care providers who have helped me achieve my goal of Level 3 in Paths to QUALITY™. The Cohort provided educational materials and professional development, all of which helped me to sustain a Level 3 and achieve my goal of becoming a Level 4 family child care home.”

Marianna Edmonds-Hogue, Owner, Cookie Club Daycare:

“Monroe Smart Start helped me to help the children in my care. The cohort was so beneficial and I was really happy to be chosen to be a part of the first one. We received support in so many ways through networking, professional development, motivation, and recognition.”

Dana Levato, Owner, Levato’s Little Ones:

“My participation in the Cohort of Quality Providers has been a very wonderful experience and well worth the time I have been involved. It is a very fulfilling time to connect with other providers and share an excitement for high-quality care.”